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YouTube Pell Grants = Welfare (According To Republican Rep.) – YouTube
A Republican Congressman describes Pell Grants as welfare for college students. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss. … View Video

About Transcript – President Obama Announces Educational …
Obama Announces Educational Opportunities for Displaced Workers Includes Introduction of and Expansion of Pell Grants Program … Read Article

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News ISU's Bowman Looks Back On Tenure, Looks Ahead On Higher Education
NORMAL — As Al Bowman nears the end of his 10 years as president of Illinois State University, he sat down for an interview with The Pantagraph about his years of service and what’s ahead for him, the university and higher education in general. … Read News

About What Is A Pell Grant? – Business School
Pell Grants Defined Answer: Federal Pell Grants are awarded to students based upon financial need. … Read Article

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News Austerity Never Works: Deficit Hawks Are Amoral — And Wrong
The 1 percent and the financial class caused the Great Recession. So why do we keep allowing them to shape policy?         … Read News

Wikipedia Categorical grant – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Categorical Grants are grants, issued by the United States Congress, which may be spent only for narrowly-defined purposes. Categorical grants are the main source of federal aid to state and local government, can only be used for specific purposes and for helping education, or categories of … Read Article

About Free Money For College – Paying For School With Grants
Federal Pell Grant – The Federal Pell Grant Program provides grants to undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students. Grants are need-based and are designed to help low-income students pay for schooling. … Read Article