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News Shutdown Hits Workers' Paychecks
Friday was the first payless payday for thousands of federal workers, whether they're working or not. … Read News

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News Student Loan Vs. A Home Equity Loan For College
Home equity loans are actually more expensive than most federal student loans, and carry fewer benefits. Dear Liz: I am almost finished with my associate degree at my local community college and will be starting my undergraduate degree in January. I have been lucky enough to accrue no college debt so far but know I will when I start my bachelor's degree. I am considering taking out a home equity … Read News

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News Managing Debt And Student Loans Easier With SALT
From not having enough money during college to making money after graduation, money seems to be topic of conversation for many students.  Making it through college without bouncing a check is something to celebrate, but for some, the hole of debt starts in college and only gets deeper. … Read News

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