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News Student Debt Crisis Continues To Cloud Graduation Celebrations: Financial Principles Advisors Offer Tips For Paying …
College costs have been rising faster than inflation for years and two-thirds of recent bachelor's degree recipients now have outstanding student loans according to a Pew Research Center report, with an average debt of about $29,400 reports the Institute for College Access and Success. That is about $1.1 trillion in American student loan debt, causing concern for not just graduates, but for the … Read News

Stafford Loans Repayment Period pictures

News 6 Little-Known Facts About Student Loan Grace Periods
There are six things you may not know about your student loan grace period. Most federal loans come with a grace period that's at least six months long, and the government didn't put that in place to make you freak out about how much money you owe them. Rather, grace periods are a tool meant to help student loan borrowers start off on the right foot. Their intent is to give borrowers some time … Read News

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