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News U.S. Labor Secretary Touts Parental Leave During Twin Cities Visit
U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez on Tuesday said paid parental-leave policies will be instituted from the "bottom up," led by cities, state agencies and private-sector employers, as the need to retain workers increases in Minnesota and throughout the country. … Read News

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News Prisoners Might Get Access To Pell Grants For First Time In Two Decades
File photo of inmates at the Cook County Jail in Chicago by Jim Young/Reuters The U.S. Department of Education is poised to announce a limited exemption to the federal ban on prisoners receiving Pell Grants to attend college while they are incarcerated. Correctional education experts and other sources said they expect the department to issue a waiver under the experimental sites program, which … Read News

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News A New Kind Of College Wins State Approval In Rhode Island
It's one of the biggest challenges in higher education today: What to do with the nearly one in five working-age adults who have some college experience, but no degree? Sokeo Ros was one of them. "I just hated" community college, he says. "I wasn't being challenged." Ros, 34, was born in a Cambodian refugee camp in Thailand. He dropped out of two colleges, switching majors several times … Read News

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