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News SPECIAL REPORT: The Rising Cost Of College
With college tuition and other expenses increasing every year, it's a struggle for most families to come up with the money to pay for all — or even a portion of it. That leaves many students trying to find scholarships and applying for loans.  … Read News

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News Michael Bennet: An Affordable Approach To College
This fall, a familiar story for high school seniors and their parents is repeating itself across Colorado. From Sterling to Silverton, members of the class of 2015 are making some of their first major life decisions as college application deadlines approach. Which schools should I apply to? Should I stay home or move away? Is a vocational school right for me? Can I afford my top choice? … Read News

Pell Grants Loans Scholarships pictures

News What To Do When You Haven’t Saved A Dime For College
Your kid is ready for college but you aren't. A guide to your financial aid options. … Read News

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