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News I Brushed My Student Loans Under The Rug When I Graduated From College, And I'll Never Be That Naive Again
When I was wait-listed at my first choice college, I enrolled in a tech school. I qualified for a Pell grant and received state lottery assistance, so I only spent $250-$300 per semester. When I transferred to the College of Charleston in 2005, I assumed I'd be granted a full scholarship, thanks to my strong GPA and SAT scores. But after meeting with the financial aid office, I was floored to … Read News

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News For-profit Schools Getting A Hall Pass As State Watchdog Plays Hooky
In 2010, the U.S. Department of Education issued a “program integrity” rule in an attempt to increase state oversight of for-profit colleges. Among the provisions was a requirement that all students enrolled in for-profits be made aware of where they can file a complaint with the state agency that accredits … Read News

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