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News Police Nab Three After Traffic Stop
Tahlequah police arrested three people Friday following a traffic stop near Keetoowah and West. Officer Cory Keele said he stopped a vehicle and arrested the driver, William Washee, for a failure-to-pay warrant. The front-seat passenger, Skylar Collins, was arrested for public intoxication. Laura Carroll, 24, of Tahlequah, was in the back seat of the vehicle and was asked to step out. She became … Read News

photos of How To Pay Off Student Loans

News Americans’ Debt Hangover Seen Ending In Boost To Growth: Economy
Suffering from a debt hangover for the past four years, Americans will resort to a time-honored cure — hair of the dog that bit them. A pickup in borrowing will give the world’s biggest economy a much-needed boost next year as federal government austerity pinches growth. … Read News

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